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Vaginismus is when the muscles of vagina suddenly tighten up when something enters it.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be anything related to sexual penetration, it could even be something like a tampon.

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difficult/impossible penetration

painful penetration

penetration pain after a medical issue/surgery

penetration pain after childbirth

penetration pain & tightness for no particular reason


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Psychosexual Therapy

A type of therapy which can help you better understand your feelings towards sex

Relaxation Techniques

Breathing & massaging exercises to encourage your vaginal muscles to relax

Pelvic Floor Exercises

exercises to better control your vaginal muscles


A set of tampon shaped objects which slowly increase in size to help you naturally get used to something inside your vagina


Botox can be used in some cases to paralyse muscles - stopping them from contracting, this can cause side effects so it is important to talk through all your options before making a decision

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