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How to treat severe period pains

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had unbelievably painful periods. While I was in high-school it was a monthly norm for me to be sent home during the school day after throwing up/fainting. It wasn’t until now, during my mid-twenties, that I got diagnosed with Endometriosis and all the puzzle pieces started fitting together.

If those years have taught me anything, is that if the pain is really unbearable i.e. you can’t have a normal routine; go to work, go to school - just get checked out by a doctor. Back then I was taking OTC painkillers which wouldn’t even touch the pain, and I’d end up vomiting before the medicine would have any effect anyway.


Taking medicine for period pains can be a bit controversial, some people prefer to find natural pain remedies (which is completely fine too).

As much as I vouch for all remedies, this is the one that really improved my quality of life.

I now take prescribed pain relief for my period & ovulation pain, it means that I no longer need to call in sick to work, or cancel plans with friends. Try taking OTC medicines (following advice on the box), and if that doesn’t work - bring it up with your doctor who will have a roster of pain relief medicines to try out.


A remedy as old as time.

My mum also tells stories of how she would use hot water bottles to relieve her period pains as a teen. It’s a great option but make sure you aren’t over-filing your water bottle (these can burst and will leave nasty burns behind) or swap it out for a microwavable bag, these are just as good and they stay warm for even longer. I’ve also noticed having a hot drink can help soothe my stomach, rather a herbal tea than coffee though; my favourite is this one from Pukka.


This isn’t only one of those Always advertisement type idealistic remedies, but it doesn’t always work. I think a better way to propose this is, just don’t lie in bed all day if you can help it. I totally understand that sometimes you just don’t have any choice but to do so, trust me I’ve been there. I sometimes find even just sitting at my desk as opposed to lying in bed just means that I won’t focus on the pain as much. And then once the initial couple days of my period passes, I’ll try and have a 20 minute walk after dinner just to get myself moving, and it helps with digestion as well!

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