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MRKH - or Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser - syndrome,

is a condition affecting 1 in 5000 female births where;


there is an absence (or underdevelopment) of the uterus, an absent cervix and shortening of the vagina.  

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absence of first period (amenorrhea)

reduced vaginal depth and width

painful or difficult intercourse

infertility - due to underdevelopment of the uterus


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The majority of women with MRKH are able to create a vagina by stretching the small amount of vaginal tissue already present. This is usually done by using specially designed smooth cylinder shaped objects


Surgery is also an option to create a vagina, but does come with its own risks, and requires long-term dilator use to maintain use of the vagina after the procedure

IVF Surrogacy

Another aspect of MRKH is infertility, however there are options for those willing to have their own biological children

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