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Hi, I’m Priya & I’m the founder of Don’t Ovary Act 

The story behind why I started this initiative is simple. My personal experience with medical negligence & misdiagnosis (read about it here) proves that there is not adequate attention paid to gynaecological health in the healthcare industry.

FYI: We refrain from using the term “women’s health” as this excludes non-binary & transgender people from the conversation. 

My belief is that much of the mis-information and stigma surrounding gynae health stems from the sheer lack of information available -  starting from what you may remember as “sex-ed” in school. Then as we get a bit older, workplaces are not equipped to deal with some of the long-term affects of gynae related illnesses, or natural processes like menstruation and menopause. 

Through creating a “safe-space” for the community to share their stories, providing information on everything gynae health & pushing for a change in how gynae health is taught in schools - we hope to stop the stigma

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